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Freelance writer based in Chennai, India. Writes in English and Tamil. Recent major assignments have been in Transcreation - adaptation of TV Commercials from English to Tamil.

Abstruse and Obtuse 2

Tweet I am supposed to fly to the Andaman Islands. You must be excited. I am dead scared of flying. Worse things happen at sea. I was actually considering of going by sea instead!  

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My Bicycle Tour across Europe 2

Tweet Having got the nod from our parents, we began preparations with single-minded devotion. The will-do attitude had to be merged with the can-do pragmatism. Apart from gathering a lot of general information relating to the trip, we had to … Continue reading

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Abstruse and Obtuse 1

Tweet Why don’t sometimes people fail to understand? Why do people misunderstand? Is it all to do with the way one communicates, or perhaps with the way the communication is understood? Serious questions no doubt, but the situations and contexts … Continue reading

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Does a reader need a guide to explore and journey through the world of literature?

Tweet If my memory serves me right, I think it is in his Summing Up that Somerset Maugham says how nice and useful it might have been if he had had someone to tell him what and whom to read. He … Continue reading

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A Letter to the Editor

Tweet I read the letter for the third time. Dear Editor, It is quite likely that by writing this letter I am only compounding the error of omission that I am undeniably guilty of, for it, the letter, might appear … Continue reading

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My Bicycle Tour across Europe 1

Tweet The Bicycle Tour across Europe, which I undertook with my friend Aisola Ravi Shankar in 1980-81, could well have been The Bicycle Tour across the World, if we had been luckier. Our original plan, or desire to be precise, … Continue reading

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Copywriters – are they born or made?

Tweet I guess a lot of young aspiring copywriters ask themselves this question. My unequivocal answer is that they are neither born nor made, but they make themselves copywriters.

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Are you an aspiring copywriter looking to launch your career with an Ad Agency?

Tweet Copywriters come from all kinds of background. Engineering graduates and medicine students dropping out are some of the species whom I have seen taking to copywriting. I entered Advertising with a Master’s in Economics.

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Life – Past, Present and Future

Tweet ‘She clings to me.’ ‘He never lets go of me.’ Men and women make such statements when they are in a relationship that is not exactly perfect – well, if any relationship at any point in time can be … Continue reading

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John’s Job

Tweet Sunday fetched some gloom, and then some more, just to be sure there would be no shortage and the distribution could continue justly, and without interruption. Sunday had indeed an inexhaustible supply of gloom;

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